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Tel (Spain).: +34 644356207
Tel. (Germany )+49 15122898144


I grew up in Austria. In 2004, I started my professional career in the camera department in different formats like TV movies, series as well as films (mainly Germany). In 2009 I went to Spain to study cinematography at the E.S.C.A.C. (Cinema and Audiovisual School of Catalonia, Barcelona, Spain). In 2013 prior to my graduation I won the Faculty Commendation Award for best cinematography in the 3rd Year.

In the following year I shot my first feature film "Amina" followed by “Power Of One” (Nigeria) shot in 2018.
Currently, I am based in Berlin/ Barcelona working on projects like dance films, shorts, documentary as well as video clips.

I am speaking fluently English, Spanish and German.